Three transboundary cross-sectoral workshops (in each geographical context) will be organised during the project. Two workshops have been held in both pilot sites to-date.  The aims of the first workshops were to:

  • Introduce the TPEA project and explain the objectives of the initiative;
  • Discuss stakeholder understanding of MSP;
  • Obtain input on the geographical focus and extent of MSP (in the context of the TPEA project); and,
  • Examine the optimum methods and value of stakeholder engagement.

The aims of the second workshops were to:

  • Provide an update on the Maritime Spatial Planning exercise being undertaken in the two pilot sites;
  • Inform participants and obtain their feedback on certain aspects of the pilot planning process, such as the data collected, the current policy landscape, and the identification of potential transboundary pressures and opportunities within the pilot area; and,
  • Invite suggestions for transboundary planning objectives for the pilot area, and consider the possibilities for the transboundary area in 10 – 30 years.

A third and final workshop is scheduled for April/May 2014. More details to follow.


Northern pilot area workshops:

A total of 29 delegates with an equal representation from both jurisdictions (11 ROI, 12 NI/UK and 6 Cross Border or International) attended the first stakeholder workshop for Irish and Northern Irish marine users’, titled Exploring Transboundary Maritime Planning’. The attendees represented a wide range of maritime interests including government, industry and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

32 delegates attended the second stakeholder workshop (15 ROI, 14 NI/UK and 3 Cross Border) with 40% representing central/local Government and 28% representing industry across the transboundary marine area.


Southern pilot area workshops:

A total of 15 stakeholders attended the first workshop in the Southern pilot area (11 Portuguese and 4 Spanish). The majority of these stakeholders were representatives of Public Administration.

  • Workshop 2: Huelva, Spain (Nov 2014)


To access the full list of workshop reports, presentations and associated activity sheets, see: Publications