The Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic (TPEA) Project was part-funded by DG MARE with the objective of investigating the delivery of a commonly-agreed approach to cross-border maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the European Atlantic region. TPEA was a pilot initiative which brought together Government bodies, research centres and data agencies from the UK, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland – this partnership worked collaboratively over an 18 month period.

The work of the TPEA partnership focused on three key aspects of MSP: stakeholder engagement; governance and legal frameworks, and data management; two pilot sites were used to trial the approaches and methodologies implemented by the TPEA partnership. TPEA finished in May 2014 and this website will no longer be updated but instead acts as a repository for the outputs of the project, and to catalogue the activities of the project partners. Key outputs include those listed below – which we hope members of the marine planning community find useful and informative.

We would like to thank DG MARE for supporting TPEA, and would also like to especially thank the many marine stakeholders who volunteered their time to contribute to the project, providing their insights and making their knowledge available to the project partnership – all of which made a substantial contribution to the successful completion of the project.

Good Practice Guide – presents the key lessons and principles (illustrated with examples) to emerge from the TPEA project. The guide is intended to assist authorities with responsibility for MSP, agencies and other institutions supporting the implementation of MSP, coastal and marine stakeholders and other parties with an interest in the outcomes of MSP, and the scientific MSP community.  To request a hard copy of the Guide please contact Dr. Stephen Jay [Stephen.Jay “at”].

Geoportal – a web-based viewer designed to facilitate all aspects of data management (e.g. spatial analysis, communication, harmonisation, scenario testing) necessary to support transboundary MSP

Pilot Areas Report – comprehensively details the overall TPEA approach and presents the key findings for the pilot areas located in the south (Portugal/Spain) and north (Ireland/Northern Ireland) of the European Atlantic.


To request a hard copy of the Guide please contact Dr. Stephen Jay [Stephen.Jay “at”].